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My name is Robert, Bob for short. I was born in 1996 in New York city. At the age of 6 I moved to London, a city that has been the most beautiful gift I could have ever received. I became interested in film at a young age. It was a good escape from the stresses of adolescence and the big city. I began making films in High school where I was accepted into a film academy within the school and my magum opus was screened at two Film festivals.  It was also nominated for an award at the BFI. Having travelled and studied film in Russia and Los Angeles, I am now back living in London.  I am exceptionally passionate about writing and film making in general.  


My next film is titled "First Impressions", production of which begins in Novemebr. I believe that the most important part of filming is the people which is why I always create with friends and make friends with those I create with. I am always exciterd to work with new people so please cotnact me if you woudl like to work with me. This is the story of the Dancing Raven, Bob Getty's continuing journey into film.


My Next Film: "First Impressions"

"First Impressions" is an original film taking a look at Fresher's week - the week of madness where people will do almost anything to fit in. 

The film explores the intricacies and flaws of people attempting to create human connections and the themes of young love, identity and friendship - all told through the eyes of one girl, in one hilarious and heartbreaking night.  

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BFI award nominated Short film. 

Nominated for an award for best young film maker at   Co-operative film festival


NYFA peice to practice my camera work


NYFA music video


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